TheSite Plan

Stonewall Master Plan

As the first traditional neighborhood development (TND) in West Baton Rouge Parish, Stonewall Plantation will offer residents an appealing blend of relaxed lifestyle, modern amenities and an easy work commute. The TND will be designed and constructed with an emphasis on preserving the property’s rich history and reflecting the region’s unique cultural heritage. Conceived with the help of noted town planner and architect Steve Oubre, Stonewall Plantation will maintain and preserve much of the historic flavor of its surroundings while incorporating innovative principles of new urbanism, with an eye toward sustainability and environmental stewardship. As a walkable community designed to encourage neighbors to get to know one another, Stonewall Plantation’s gardens, public gathering places, front porches and tree-lined sidewalks will reflect an approach to living that is on a truly human scale, with quality schools, shopping and recreational opportunities located - quite literally - close to home.